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Mercy: To need or not to need –

Mercy: To need or not to need – Google Drive. Advertisements

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Close Guantanamo, Close Guantanamo, Please Close Guantanamo, In the movies, they say that Karma is a Bitch.  Well, she is not the B-word as I see it but she sure is exact and explicitly just.  She only does what all the good books say she will … Continue reading

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One Koran among many: Two U.S. troops killed amid Afghan protests over Koran burning

Two U.S. troops killed amid Afghan protests over Koran burning – Los Angeles Times. If this were such a mistake, why were so MANY Korans slated for burning? America never should have gone there, but everything we do it seems tells … Continue reading

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MaryMooreBlogs: Michael Jackson’s physician found guilty!

MaryMooreBlogs: Michael Jackson’s physician found guilty!.    

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