I’m a 61 year-old disabled secretary.  I have a daughter who had the strength to give me four grandsons, and 2 of them gave me three great granddaughters.   I love God “more than life to me.”  I appreciate the life he gave me.  Most of all I thank him for Jesus Christ my Savior, teacher, inspiration, strength, and the “lover of my soul.”  I love the Holy Spirit whom the Master sent as the Comforter, Wise Counselor, and instructor in righteousness for those who will receive Her.  I live the Holy Spirit because She is infallible and is able to “keep you in all your ways.”  I love all my loved ones.  I love my neighbor as myself.  I love being a college student, past at Stephen F Austin in Nacogdoches, TX, now I’m at Ashford University Online and it is great.  My inspired goal is to get my degree in Sociology, minoring in psychology/Writing, God willing.  I love my very, very humble dwelling place, which I cannot afford to repair at the moment.  However, I live “one day at a time, sweet Jesus.”  I love my books, my music, crossword puzzles, and logic problems.  I love camping and exploratory hikes that I cannot do, but I can dream.  I miss my beloved kitty-cat whose name is Ransom.  Finally, I had to give him away for health reasons.  I love my little beautiful son and will miss him forever.


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