Video of Conservative diatribes against President Obama, via the mouth of a six-year-old

When we really, sincerely accept the definitions of words for what they are worth, we would not want to brainwash our children as this child is.  It is not pretty; it is not “smart.”  It is vicious and grossly ignorant.  It is very antisocial behavior that some call good, especially the conservatives that put this video up, exposing a child to their (grownups) doctrine and entrenching him in it.   This is the makings of a terrorist, trained by terrorists.  What is a terrorist?  You decide.

This six-year-old child’s “teachers” should go to school and learn the truth about the stereotypes they teach this unfortunate child.  These psychological mishaps need to come out of their little universes of baneful darkness (even the educated are socially ignorant except in their little safe zones, i.e., those they know are like them).    Hopefully, someone will heal this child by helping him to “unlearn” what has been learned and is to continue unless sound reason has its way.

If unchecked, this child (shades and all) will draw to himself those like him, or make enemies from different races/ethnicities needlessly.  His teachers never tell him (I guess) that more people who look like him are on welfare (public assistance) than are those like the ones he means (among other minorities) when he repeats all the stereotypes he is learning.  God did not mean the likes of this when he said, “Out of the mouth of babes […]” (Psalms 8:2; Matthew 21:16).  It is a pity that some Americans spawn this type of trash (not the child himself, of course) at the expense of raising, as a community, a well-nourished young child whose mind will probably be set in its present mold in another few….


About marymhm

I'm a 68-year-old mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. I'm a born-again Christian and Theosophist. I love walking as much as possible, music, words, and dance. When I was a very young girl, I knew I was not of this world because I was told I wasn't, and the things I do today I was told I would do them. I work toward them every day. My philosophy? God is Love. Love does no harm, being harmless. Love is not all God does but that is all he is in essence.
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