Man Shoots TV Because Bristol Palin Still on DWTS | WSAV TV

Man Shoots TV Because Bristol Palin Still on DWTS | WSAV TV.

I’m so sorry this gent got that irate about a no-dancing dancer. I bypassed this show because Palin was on it, and the first episode showed she was not a dancer (and I’m sure she won’t become one). No matter what lies anyone tells about how well she does, she is not a good dancer. She knows it, her mom knows it, and those who are voting for her know it, too.

This reminds me of some people who, in order to get on the NYT bestseller list or some other list, might go out and buy up their own books to meet the requirement for getting on those lists. Someone has a mojo working here and it is a disgrace to the profession, because those who are worthy of staying and competing with the best, are and have been eliminated, especially Brandy and her mate. Even though ABC says to the contrary, I suggest somehow this show is rigged (that’s the mojo – and only those who use it know what it is). The Tea is somehow seeping into the election system – somehow.

Those two (Brandy and M.) are so gracious it is awe-inspiring. Nobody wants to really tell the truth about what an awful dancer this young woman is, as if that will make her a better dancer. Also, that some people pay for their college degrees, is a certainty, somebody must be paying for her tenure on this show, whatever the mojo is. It is so superficial, because she ALWAYS looks as if she knows she should not be there (even while she is dancing), yet she pretends that she is doing well, and blast all the “haters” and etc.

I’m glad the man’s wife is okay. I’m sorry too, that he gave up his freedom for a woman who is not worth the time he will spend in prison. Rash judgment never pays good dividends. Never. As for me, I’m embarrassed that such a sophisticated show as DWTS will always be connected with this SCANDAL.

I’ve heard some say they will NEVER watch the show again, I know how they feel. I only watched it last season because I knew the GooGoo Doll would win – she’s a dancer and she won worthily. All last season’s stars were worthy opponents. This is the paltriest presentation ever as far as I’m concerned. Brandy and her dance mate should still be there contending. I am not a lonely camper here.



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I'm a 68-year-old mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. I'm a born-again Christian and Theosophist. I love walking as much as possible, music, words, and dance. When I was a very young girl, I knew I was not of this world because I was told I wasn't, and the things I do today I was told I would do them. I work toward them every day. My philosophy? God is Love. Love does no harm, being harmless. Love is not all God does but that is all he is in essence.
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