Deficit panel leaders’ plan curbs Social Security

Deficit panel leaders’ plan curbs Social Security – Yahoo! News

Age 69!!  Some people never live to see 69.  Some are on their death-bed by age 69.  The gvt or someone already gets too much money to waste, since the families of loved ones who die before collecting Social Security (which they have already paid in) don’t get the money.  Anyway, that measly death benefit (is it still $255?) is shame, since as stated the gvt already get the dead man’s chest.

@American:  It is always easier to blame the people who, like you at some time or another, will need something.  That is, unless you are some rich person talking out of his arrogance.  The people that have the money are those who waste the little man’s money.  The poor minimum and/or under-minimum waged workers are the sufferers.  They are also the ones who suffer the most; however, that includes the Middle Class (maybe even more so) who pay the brunt of EVERYTHING.  When it’s time for them to retire, there will be people accusing them of sucking on the teats of the GVT, into whom they have already paid their social security funds.


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I'm a 64-year-old mother of two daughters (my older daughter is deceased), four grandsons, and three great-granddaughters. I'm a born-again Christian Theosophist and don't apologize for being a Spiritual rather than a fanatically religious person, which I am not. There is a difference and it is very evident in some peoples' lives. I love walking, music, words, and dance. When I was a very young girl, I knew I was not of this world because I was told I wasn't, and the things I do today I was told I would do them. I work toward them every day. I will soon be a college graduate in Sociology, and if I live long enough I will finish my intended Master's program in Social Psychology, and after that, my doctorate in Divinity, which was the first impetus. But being divinely guided I must finish the preparatory assignments given me from on High. My philosophy? God is Love. Love is not all God does but that is all he is in essence. Amen.
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