Election doesn’t end major discord for GOP, Obama – Yahoo! News

Election doesn’t end major discord for GOP, Obama – Yahoo! News: “Election doesn’t end major discord for GOP, Obama”

@Scott.  It is one thing to be deficient of brain power by a quirk of nature or some accident, but it is another to be WILLFULLY idiotic.  It is probably true that one of your elders is on “WELFARE” of some sort.  All countries afford or should afford assistance to their citizens, most of whom have worked for what they get, or have become disabled trying to do so.

There is not a person who can constantly get assistance without some sort of checks and balances.  I know it and you know it.  You stupid willful idiots overlook the fact that one day you, too, will be receiving WELFARE of some sort – Social Security, disability (SSI, SSDI, in case you butt your head by walking into a wall, being so senseless).  All these things people have worked for.  Therefore, for those whom you say are on WELFARE, look in your closet, a loved one is in there somewhere.  Would you acknowledge that or keep on being stupid.


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I'm a 68-year-old mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. I'm a born-again Christian and Theosophist. I love walking as much as possible, music, words, and dance. When I was a very young girl, I knew I was not of this world because I was told I wasn't, and the things I do today I was told I would do them. I work toward them every day. My philosophy? God is Love. Love does no harm, being harmless. Love is not all God does but that is all he is in essence.
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