Israel’s new citizenship law – INSIDE STORY – Al Jazeera English

The KEY WORD HERE IS CONDITIONAL, as is all things concerning Israeli activity toward the Palestinians and the peace talks.  This is a subtle one, where Netanyahu puts forth that “he would extend the settlement restrictions in the West Bank–if the Palestinians recognize Israel as the Jewish State.”  Now there is an ulterior motive here, I think.  Were it not, the offer would not have been extended.   It means something else since the Palestinians don’t insist that Israel has no right to exist, but that Israel must afford their right to exist as a Palestinian State.  I believe it has something to do with the fact that Israel does not plan for the Palestinians to exist as a STATE because that means sovereignty.

Were the Palestinians to become  a sovereign State, they would be EQUAL to Israel in that they too would be able to amass a standing army, air forces, navy, etc., which as it stands they do not have.    Israel never intends that to happen.  They continue to dredge up conditions that they know will impede peace talks.  Yet they present themselves as trying to work with all for peace.

They play this game over and over, while America slinks in with goodies it promises to try to bring about what Israel won’t do.  In this, Israel plays the prostitute and America is the John.  Therefore, they are both guilty – all they do does not work for peace but extends this unwinnable situation unless the dominoes played are changed.   When all get frustrated, they will then lay it on the Palestinians as the hold-outs, but in truth it is Israel, and America by extension.   They remind me of past times when they did the same to Arafat who was demonized by media, America, Israel, and any other parakeet in the mix.  suprised

Really, yesterday’s Arafat is today’s Ahmadinejad – there must always be a demonized culprit, always.  Peace talks have stalled since 9.26.10, when the moratorium ended and Israelis immediately began building again.  Yet, I wouldn’t be supprised if tomorrow or the next day or so, we will be told it’s the Palestinians who somehow are stalling the peace process again.  Israel does not intend to pursue peace except its own kind of peace; otherwise the peace talks would have progressed and come to fruition by now.


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I'm a 68-year-old mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. I'm a born-again Christian and Theosophist. I love walking as much as possible, music, words, and dance. When I was a very young girl, I knew I was not of this world because I was told I wasn't, and the things I do today I was told I would do them. I work toward them every day. My philosophy? God is Love. Love does no harm, being harmless. Love is not all God does but that is all he is in essence.
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