Ex-CNN host Sanchez apologizes

Ex-CNN host Sanchez apologizes for ‘inartful comments’

@ez: I support him too. I’m aware that people make audible mistakes – from the greatest to the least of us. But we must remember if we can receive it, when anyone mentions Jews except in PRAISE OF THEM, no matter how true it might be, that hundred-headed hydra whose code-word is “ANTI-SEMITISM” rears its ugly head and all sense of proportion goes out the window.


I was glad that when the Host finally gave him a word edge-wise, Rick Sanchez admitted that “bigot” was not an appropriate word because it was a wrong word. He admitted that Jon is not a bigot. That is never brought forth. It was totally overlooked (or dismissed) on THE VIEW also the following Monday. I was truly amazed at the dreadful negativity sent his way from those ladies on the show.


I thought to myself, “Surely these women in some way know how he could have got trapped in that ring where he really did not know he was going into.” But when he realized it, it was too late. He couldn’t get much else said as the HOST kept ribbing him about his statements about the Jews. There was no turning back because the host would not allow it. The Hydra had its way there.


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